Field Trip Ideas for Kindergarten

Field Trip Ideas for Kindergarten
Field trips are common in kindergarten, and there are many different kinds of trips to choose from. Although trips to the park and the playground are always nice, often teachers want something that is more educational for the kids. Rewarding kindergarten field trips can incorporate learning in a wide variety of ways.

Recycle Center

Teach kids to go green at an early age by planning a trip to the local recycle center. Many recycle centers will give tours and short talks about the importance of recycling. The kindergarten teacher can even have each child bring in a bag of recyclables from home to donate. Then, the money earned from the proceeds can be put toward buying a special class treat.

Fire Station

Most kindergarten kids love firefighters, so almost nothing could be more thrilling than a trip to the local fire station. Visiting the fire station is a great chance for you to go over fire safety, too. Many stations are happy to give kids a tour and even to let them climb aboard a fire truck. Check with your local fire station to see if they offer any programs specifically geared toward kindergarten kids.


Kindergartners are just learning to read, and a trip to the library can be just the thing to get them really intrigued by books. Many libraries offer special programs for young children, including story time and crafts. Going over library rules ahead of time will help children keep their voices down and act respectfully once they arrive.

Senior Center

Many seniors love children, and a senior center can the perfect place for kids to learn to respect their elders. Get the kids excited and involved before you go by having them make small drawings or gifts in class that they can give out at the center.


Most kindergartners love animals, so a farm visit can be a perfect field trip. The children can visit the animals and also learn about all the hard work that makes growing food possible. Many local farms will also set up pot-luck meals or special activities for kids--just call around and ask.

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