The Best Swimming Caps for Keeping Hair Dry

The Best Swimming Caps for Keeping Hair Dry
The basic function of a swim cap is to keep hair out of your eyes while swimming. Most swim caps are made of either latex or silicone. The former, favored by competitive swimmers, stays put and streamlines the head for faster race times, but may snag hair. Also, some people suffer from latex allergies. Silicone caps may keep hair dryer---as long as they stay in place, since they shift more than latex caps.

Speedo Silicone Long Hair Cap

Speedo is the leading maker of swim gear. If a regular cap won't contain your long locks, give this one a try. Most reviewers at raved about this cap, and one woman reported that it kept her waist-length hair completely dry. Overall, this cap earned three to five stars from consumer reviewers.

Aqua Sphere Aqua Glide Silicone Swim Cap

If you want an option besides the Speedo products, this cap also earns praise from buyers. It received good reviews at Rate It All, although slightly more mixed comments than the Speedo. One woman who purchased it said it outperformed any other cap she had used, giving good coverage and a tighter seal, while another consumer complained that it was too small.

Tyr Silicone Swim Cap

The manufacturer claims the rounder shape of this cap reduces the usual silicone slippage effect, thus keeping hair dryer. No consumer reviews were available. Remember that a little preparation helps keep hair dryer with any cap. Pull long hair into a high ponytail or coil it into a braid. Some women double-cap to cut down on post-swim hair drying time.

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