Yacht Clubs Near Brooklyn, New York

Yacht Clubs Near Brooklyn, New York
Brooklyn, New York, is not only one of the most heavily populated areas in New York, but in the United States as well. However, because it is located on East River and the Narrows, Brooklyn is within close proximity of some of the finest yacht clubs in the Tri-State area. The yacht clubs in New York City provide its members easy access to the area's waterways and outdoor recreational spots.

Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club

Due to its location on the Hudson River, the Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club is able to provide its members with easy access to leisurely cruises in and around the outdoor recreational sites of the Tri-State area, such as the beaches of New Jersey and Long Beach. The Lincoln Yacht Club offers its members multiple amenities, such as on-site ship mechanics, detailing for your yacht, cable television hookup, access to wireless Internet throughout the entire yacht, a ship store on the yacht club's premises, exercise center and laundry services. Lincoln Harbor also offers guest services such as chartering boats, brokerage services and dinner cruises.

Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club
1500 Harbor Boulevard
Weehawken, NJ 07086
(201) 319-5100

New York Yacht Club

Established in 1844, the New York Yacht Club, more commonly referred to as NYYC, is one of the oldest and most prestigious yacht clubs in the United States. This exclusive club was home to the boat race known as the America's Cup. This prize is regarded as "the oldest trophy in sports," according to the NYYC website. This heritage of boat racing is still instilled at the NYYC in the present day, as it hosts many races all year round. Some of these races include the Annual Regatta, Leukemia Cup, Catamaran Championship and the renowned NYYC Invitational Cup. The NYYC also is the port for annual cruise trips for its members. Destinations for these cruises include Palm Beach, Alaska and the Upper Amazon River. NYYC hosts many events throughout the year, such as weddings, banquets, charity fundraisers and formal dinners.

New York Yacht Club
37 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 382-1000

Richmond County Yacht Club

The Richmond County Yacht Club (RCYC) has been in existence since 1923 and features approximately 40 spaces for both small and large yachts. The Ship's Store at the RCYC sells a variety of goods to its members, including belts, polo shirts, burgees, hats and other articles of clothing. RCYC offers a fair price for dues, and you do not have to pay the full membership until you are 30. Thus, RCYC is an ideal spot for leisure when you are young. RCYC provides quick access to the other Burroughs in New York, as well as some of the outdoor beaches and marinas in the area. These sites include Long Island Sound and Sandy Hook, a town in New Jersey that rests upon the Atlantic Coast.

Richmond County Yacht Club
142 Mansion Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10308
(718) 356-4120


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