Bicycle Clubs in New Jersey

Bicycle Clubs in New Jersey
Bicycle clubs are a popular way to meet new people and find riding partners. They put you in touch with the cycling community and make riding enjoyable as a social activity. Clubs can teach you about new routes and trail systems while you become involved with volunteer work to improve and maintain the trails. You can also gain and share knowledge about various aspects of cycling.

Atlantic Bicycle Club

Based in Allenwood, N.J., the club accepts riders of all levels. Many riders are competitive athletes for racing teams. Club members have uniforms and take rides every week of the year.

Atlantic Bicycle Club
P.O. Box 330
Allenwood, NJ 08720
(908) 528-7198


New Jersey Cycling Conservation Club

This group is in Marlboro and is associated with the Bicycle Hub store. Members of the club are active volunteers in maintaining and expanding trails. The club is community-oriented and has regular meetings and workdays.

Bicycle Hub
238 Route 79
Marlboro, NJ 07765
(732) 946-9080

Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey

This is a large club with weekly outings and a dedicated volunteer program. Members do multiday tours and have options for mountain bikers, competitive riders, triathletes and touring.

Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey
P.O. Box 839
Mahwah, NJ 07430

Bedminster Flyers Cycling Club

Located in the Somerset Hills area, this club rides every evening from May to September. The club is dominated by road bikers but it does the occasional mountain bike trip in the off-season. The club is safety-oriented and requires helmets at outings.

Bedminster Flyers Cycling Club
P.O. Box 341
Far Hills, NJ 07931
(908) 876-9096


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