The Best Snow Pants for Kids

The Best Snow Pants for Kids
When it comes to playing in the snow, kids often need more protective clothing then adults. This is because children are more willing to ignore signs that they should get inside to warm up and are also more likely to roll around in the powdery white stuff. There are many different options to choose from, but here are some of the best.

Katahdin Bibs

L.L. Bean decided on a classic design for their Katahdin Bibs. Basically a waterproof pair of overalls, the Katahdin Bibs sit high and strap over the shoulders, ensuring that snow doesn't fall down the top of the snow pants. Plus, the Katahdin features plenty of elastic at the waist and ankles, both to keep snow out and accommodate growing children. The Katahdin Bibs cost $49.50.

Patagonia Snow Bum Pants

Patagonia's Snow Bum Pants use snowboard pants as their inspiration. They feature a funky flannel pattern and have lots of high-tech features for keeping out the cold, including drawstrings at the top and bottom. Plus, the Snow Bum Pants are designed with growing kids in mind, with an adjustable waist strap. The Patagonia Snow Bum Pants cost $140, as of 2010.

Foursquare B2 Kid's Lil Wong

The Lil Wong snow pants have a more trendy cut than the others on this list, complete with belt loops and deep, zippered slash pockets. Lil Wong snow pants come in bright colors that will help your kid stand out on the ski slope or the sledding hill. More thinly insulated than the other options on this list, the Lil Wong snow pants are best worn with a layer of long underwear. Foursquare's Lil Wong snow pants cost $64.


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