Roxy Vs. Burton Snowboards

Roxy Vs. Burton Snowboards
Burton is one of the most well-known snowboarding companies on the market. Founded by Jake Burton, the company was one of the earliest snowboard makers to hit the scene, dating to 1977, and has been an industry leader during the sport's growth. Roxy was founded in 1990 and is Quiksilver's women-specific company. Originally, a surf company, Roxy began to offer snowboards in 2003, and today the company offers a full line of gear, clothing and accessories for snowboarding. Here's a look at some women's boards from each company.

Burton Women's Feelgood V-Rocker

A directional all-mountain snowboard designed for women riders, the Women's Feelgood V-Rocker features Burton's V-Rocker construction, which is a three-part design. A center rocker is located between the feet while two additional rockers are outside of each foot, lifting the tip and tail off the snow and boosting performance for anything from jibs to powder. The V-Rocker is paired with Burton's Pressure Distribution Edges to increase grip and power. The board also features The Channel binding mounting system, a centered base and Dualzone EGD wood core. The board has a soft flex. Available in sizes from 144 to 154.


Roxy Eminence BTX Bright Edition

Priced nearly identically to the Burton Women's Feelgood V-Rocker, the Roxy Eminence BTX Bright Edition is a twin-tip board designed for freestyle riding. Banana Traction rocker construction is paired with Magne-Traction edges for a board that grips and turns through hardpack and ice but floats through powder and excels in the park. Named after team rider Torah Bright, the board is a versatile, all-around performer. The board comes in sizes 143 to 155.

Burton Feather

The Burton Feather is a moderately priced, entry-level snowboard. The board has a very soft flex, making it more forgiving on the rider and easier to gain confidence and build skill on. The flex is paired with a reduced camber and uplifted edges to make turning, stopping and learning tricks easier. The Feather is equipped with Burton's Fly Core, a tip-to-tail wood core. It is offered in a variety of sizes from 140 to 156. 

Roxy Silhouette

The Silhouette is an intermediate board that is aimed at progressive riders looking to enjoy the full mountain on a forgiving board. The board features a narrow waist and deep sidecut, making it easier to turn and stop. The board is ideal for slopes and park and pipe riding. The Silhouette comes in sizes 135 to 150.



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