Field Trip Ideas for Girl Scouts

Field Trip Ideas for Girl Scouts
As a girl scout leader or even a parent supporter, you want to send your little scouts on a fun, educational and inspiring field trip. Girls scouts should be taken on field trips to teach them about their surroundings and help inspire their leadership skills as young ladies. Scout troops can utilize field trips to help girls earn their badges and awards. With different options suitable for every troop, nothing can stand in the way of a fun trip.

Butterfly Preserves

This trip is both exciting and educating. Learning about butterflies and viewing their natural habitats is a treasured experience few children get to know. There may be badge opportunities available as well on the field trip. Preparing the girls ahead of time to look out for individual badge opportunities can be a fun challenge for this trip. Contact your local butterfly preserve to schedule a tour and discuss activities for the troupe.

National Parks

Earning an outdoor badge will be a breeze with a trip out to a national park near you. The girls will have to use excavation techniques to identify types of rocks or observe animals in their natural habitats. Your scouts will be able to explore wildlife and have a fun time. As with all park visits, lunches and water should be packed prior to leaving home. This field trip is especially ideal for younger scouts under 12, who may not be very exposed to the outdoors.

Tree Nurseries

A great way to fulfill a badge is to head out to a tree nursery. This is a fun offbeat way to teach the girls to love plants and nurture them. This trip is a priority for scouts interested ecosystems or looking for a way to earn an outdoor related badge. This trip is recommended for ages 10 and up.


Different country festivals can strengthen a scout's exposure to different cultures. Visiting a french festival for example can give the girls a great opportunity to sample the foods and language of France. Any scout would benefit from the sights, sounds and tastes of a new culture. This trip is best for older scouts at least 12 years of age.

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