Off Road Trails in Vermont

Off Road Trails in Vermont
Vermont, also known as the Green Mountain State, has a terrain that makes it a suitable home to thousands of miles of off-road trails that are spread throughout the state. Natural landmarks, such as Lake Champlain, the Connecticut River and the Green Mountains, provide paths that are ideal for hiking, cycling, horseback riding, cross country skiing, birding and snowmobiles.

Trail Around Middlebury

The Trail Around Middlebury is a 16-mile trail that encircles the town of Middlebury, Vermont, and is ideal for hiking and cycling. This trail has been serving the citizens of Middlebury for over twenty years, and it connects various properties of the town together. These properties include schools, monuments and conserved property. The trail also has two bridges on it that help people cross the local river, Otter Creek.

Cross Vermont Trail

The Cross Vermont Trail begins on the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington and continues all the way until the Connecticut River. This trail is ideal for hiking, cycling and horseback riding. In the winter, the Cross Vermont Trail is ideal for cross-country skiing and snowmobiles. National Parks that the Cross Vermont Trail travels through includes the Winooski River, Wells River and Groton State Forest. Other trails in Vermont are connected to the Cross Vermont Trail, such as the Central Vermont Bike Path.

Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail

The Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail is a 26-mile stretch that was once a railroad path, but has since been reformatted to facilitate activities such as mountain biking, hiking, snowmobiles and horseback riding. The trail is approximately 10 feet wide, making it easy for walkers and/or riders to pass by one another. The two end points of this trail are Troy Street in Richford, and the intersection of 105 and 7 in Saint Alban's.

Kingdom Trails

Kingdom Trails is located in East Burke, Vermont, and has been voted as the "Best Trail Network" in America, according to Bike Magazine, as well as being awarded the title, "Best of New England," by Boston Magazine Travel and Life. Kingdom Trails features over 100 miles of trails that are ideal for horseback riding, mountain biking, jogging and hiking. Kingdom Trails also offers trails during the winter for skiing and snowboarding. These are known as the Nordic Trails.

Lake Champlain Bikeway

The Champlain Bikeway is a 363-mile path, and is included in a network of trails that extend over a thousand miles in the Lake Champlain Valley. These paths are suitable for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and nature walks. This series of bike paths also features over 30 loops and tours that are up to 60 miles in length. The trails not only surround Lake Champlain, but it also passes by the Richelieu River in Quebec, Canada.

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