The Best Fins to Pack when Diving

The Best Fins to Pack when Diving
When you decide to take a diving trip so many things are going through your head. Is the rental car confirmed? Should I spring for a nicer hotel or spend the extra money on diving? With all these thoughts running around in your head, it's easy to forget about your gear. Which fins to pack depend on your leg strength and endurance, the size of your luggage and the temperature where you will be diving.

Mares Avanti Superchannel Open Heel Fins

If your main concern in the selection of scuba fins is leg strain and fin efficiency, then the Avanti Superchannel Open Heel fins by Mares might be a good choice for you. Its three channel blade design helps to reduce leg strain while the edges of the fin help keep water from escaping to the sides, which robs you of power. The open heel design allows for warm water and cool water booties, making these fins flexible enough to use in many different diving conditions. Because of its fairly standard size, these fins will fit into many of the popular dive bags.

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Aeris Velocity Full Foot Fins

It does not matter if you need to conserve space because you don't have a lot of room in the rental car or because you are trying to keep your bag count down for the airlines; sometimes, smaller and lighter is better. An option worth considering is Aeris' Velocity Full Foot Fins. The overall size of the fin is smaller. This is thanks, in part, to its closed heel design. Plus, since it is a closed heel fin, you don't need to pack as much gear since you won't need booties. The only consideration is, since you won't be wearing booties to insulate your feet, you might want to stay in warmer water.

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Oceanic Vortex V16 Fins

Warm water reef diving is not for everybody. You may feel the urge to explore a wreck in northern waters or work on a high altitude certification. Whatever your reason is for venturing into cold water, you will want to keep as warm as possible on your dive. Do not forget to keep your feet in mind. The Vortex V16 fins from Oceanic is an open heel model with a large pocket, which can accommodate nearly all booty styles. This is an important feature when you consider the size of the booties you will be wearing with your dry suit. These fins also feature a split fin design which can help keep down leg strain, since cramping is always a concern during cold water dives.

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