Water Games for Swimming Pools

Water Games for Swimming Pools
If you're seeking a little bit more from your time spent in the swimming pool and you're tired of the usual pool games, this list may just freshen up your water game options. The games listed here include one classic and a few new pool activities that you're sure to find fun and exciting to play.

Water Volley Ball

Water volleyball is a favorite pool game of many swimmers. This classic game is one that allows you to compete, exercise and frolic the day away all while submersed in cool water. Having a regulation volleyball net strung across the pool is not mandatory to enjoy water volleyball. Even a string or imaginary division in the pool while playing this game will allow you to participate in friendly competition and burn hundreds of calories per hour while doing it. For more detailed calorie information visit Health.Harvard at

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Bottle War

Bottle War or Bottles is a pool games for teams. This fun water competition requires participants to split themselves into two teams leaving on person out to serve as the referee. Each team must line up on either side of the pool with their backs to the center of the pool. The referee then takes a clear plastic bottle (label removed) and fills it with pool water. The referee then throws the bottle to the center of the pool and shouts "go!" The two teams must then turn and rush to the middle of the pool to find the bottle and sneak it to their side to score a point. Get ready for lots of splashing and a little bragging if your team wins the bottle war more times than the opposing team.

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Diving Board Jump or Dive

Playing jump or dive with friends is a great way to spend an afternoon in the pool laughing as well as brushing up on your diving skills and sharpening your reflexes. This game can be played with as many participants as you'd like. For this game, one person gets on the diving board; he/she must do a strong bounce and jump high into the air off of the board. While in the air another person shouts "dive!" or he/she shouts "jump!" The jumper must then follow the command in a split second. The fun is all in watching the jumper try to follow the command to jump or dive with a split second to make the right decision.

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Floating Pool Archery

Brookstone makes a great pool game that's fairly uncommon, a floating pool archery game. This game is safe and fun to play in the pool because the darts are made of flexible foam, and the target floats. This archery game will really test your hand-eye coordination as you pull back the bow and aim at a floating target and bull's-eye. The motion of the waves will make the target harder to hit, but that will make the competition more fun.

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