The Best Ski Helmets for Children

The Best Ski Helmets for Children
Children's ski helmets are an essential piece of equipment that can reduce the risk of injury while skiing. The best helmets will be comfortable, warm, ventilated and safe, and they will not interfere with the natural field of vision. Open-face helmets are the most popular and should be worn with goggles or a visor. There are many helmets available for children in a range of sizes and styles.


This company has several models of ski helmets, with the Fuse model being a top choice. It has a sleek black design and is lightweight at only 15 ounces. It is well ventilated and has a durable double shell design. The helmet also has ear flaps compatible with the Giro Tuneups for listening to music while riding. This is a top-rated helmet with excellent reviews. The Slingshot is another popular model for kids. It is a lightweight design with a strong polycarbonate shell and foam interior padding. It also comes in size XS for small children.


The R.E.D Hi-Fi has a stylish plaid design and a comfortable fit. It is well ventilated and has a strong polycarbonate shell. The removable ear flaps will keep you warm on cold days and can be removed on warm days. The flaps are also compatible with most speaker systems. The helmet has extra interior padding for safety and has high customer reviews from REI members. The company also manufactures the Buzzcap snowboard helmet for kids. It has similar features, with a pink design for girls.


The Smith Holt is another stylish helmet with positive customer reviews. It has a ventilated design, removable ear pads, a strap to secure goggles to the helmet, and an insulated interior. They major benefit of this helmet is the one-size-fits-all system. This ensures that the helmet will be comfortable and secure.


The company has several great helmets, with the Stinger model being ideal for children. It utilizes a micro adjustment system for the perfect fit, and one helmet has the potential to fit several head sizes. This allows the rider to use it for several seasons without outgrowing the helmet. It is well ventilated, has removable ear pads and uses a fleece chinstrap for extra support. It has a nice plaid, unisex design and will provide ample comfort and support. Boeri also has the Bravo youth helmet. It is a simplistic design that serves the purpose of being a ski, skate and motocross helmet. It is designed to fit with most goggles and has features similar to the Stinger.


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