Small Sailing Clubs in New York

Small Sailing Clubs in New York
New York has lots of opportunities for sailing, given New York City's proximity to the Hudson River and New York Harbor. The New York Harbor is made up of several bays, rivers, creeks and other geographical features that make it an enjoyable place to set sail. One can get away from the hustle and bustle of this buzzing metropolis and enjoy a quiet outing on the water, while still enjoying the scenic view of the city's silhouette. The harbor is large and very protected and the many nooks and crannies available for exploration on the Hudson make it an ideal place for small craft sailing. In addition, there are plenty of small sailing and yacht clubs with moorings available and varied facilities for sailors at rest to make use of.

Richmond County Yacht Club

Richmond County Yacht Club is a family-oriented club that has provided facilities for small and large sailing craft on Staten Island since 1923. The club is on the western shore of Staten Island's Great Kills Harbor. You can contact the club by phone in advance, or by radio if you are out on the water to secure a mooring. The club has its own restaurant, and shower facilities for those on longer journeys.

Richmond County Yacht Club
142 Mansion Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10308
(718) 356-4120

Deep Creek Yacht Club

Deep Creek Yacht Club is a socially oriented yacht club for sailors in and around Jamaica Bay. It is a welcoming club with a membership fee of only $35 per year with a $15 initiation fee. Members can participate in the club's social activities, trips, and meetings and receive a monthly newsletter and discounts at local boating businesses. Guests can reserve a mooring at the club on its website. Located nearby is the Bayview Restaurant and Lounge for dining and drinks.

Deep Creek Yacht Club
P.O. Box 340674
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Manhattan Sailing Club

The Manhattan Sailing Club is a great place for people in the city who don't leave the environs that often. It is a good place for beginners as well as experienced sailors, as it provides a lot of hands-on opportunities and mentoring for those who are new to sailing. The club sponsors a lot of activities and trips to other places, as well as boat races in the New York Harbor. The club has a clubhouse and bar in the harbor where both members and nonmembers can enjoy a drink and a unique view of any boat races that are happening from the center of the action.

Manhattan Sailing Club
385 South End Ave #7G
New York, NY 10280-1003
(212) 786-3323

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