The Best Swim Paddles

The Best Swim Paddles
Choosing the right swim paddle will build strength, improve your swimming techniques, increase your physical conditioning, and help you glide more efficiently in the water. Hand paddles are used for all types of swimmers who like to hone their personal swimming development with underwater drills. The best swim paddles will grab the water well and boost your own swimming mechanics -- to train you to become a better natural swimmer.

Star Paddles

These paddles are small, star-shaped hand paddles that focus on your swimming technique and strength. They are thin, flexible and designed with holes in them. They make for a natural extension on your hands, that will improve your stroke mechanics and build strength. They are pliable enough so that you can feel your hand grabbing at the surface of the water, so you can gain a better feel for the water as well.

Speedo Contoured Swim Paddles

These paddles have excellent grooves and contours that comfortably fit all hand sizes. The pair is made to develop accurate stroking mechanics in the water. They are made with a sturdy but lightweight material with silicone rubber straps that allows for flexibility but resiliency when doing water drills. These special paddles have been known to improve swimming workouts and increase swimming speed.

Tyr Catalyst Paddles

This is the "state-of-the-art in training paddle design," according to the product description. It is designed in a smooth, pliable shape with durable UV protected polypropylene material, like the Speedo Contoured swim paddle. They are designed to improve all strokes of different levels of swimmers. The design allows you to cut through the waves while you're in the water, as holes are scientifically placed for proper balanced resistance.

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