Train Trips to Tuscany From Switzerland

Train Trips to Tuscany From Switzerland
For travelers who love the outdoors, a trip from Switzerland to Tuscany can bring together lots of favorites; on the Swiss end: skiing, snowshoeing and hiking; and in Italy, biking, hiking, fishing, boating and swimming are available. Train trips can be package deals, or individual, depending on your preferences.

Blue Marble Travel

Blue Marble Travel has a package deal for a train trip and biking excursion through Tuscany, called Essential Italia. A two week trip, it starts in Brig, Switzerland at the Simplon Pass. From there you will take the train through the world's longest rail tunnel, Simplon Tunnel, and 19.8 km later, you are in Italy.

With accommodations included each night, as well as breakfasts and the majority of lunches, all travel costs for yourself and the bike provided. You are free to appreciate the scenery and history of the area. During the 14 day trip, you will spend time in the Ossola Valley, Lago Maggiore, The Lakes, Ticino, Como, Pisa, Tuscany, San Gimignano, the Elsa Valley, Siena, Colline Sienese, and finally, Chianti and Florence

Blue Marble Travel
350 Ramapo Valley Road Suite 18-131
Oakland, NJ 07436, United States
(201) 465-2567

Rail Europe

Rail Europe, formerly the Cisalpino Trains, covers Italy and Switzerland in modern and luxurious comfort. The trains operate on a sophisticated network that is part of the new type of trains with advanced electrical systems and tilting action, and it cuts the time it takes to travel from one area to another significantly. The routes covered in Italy and Switzerland at a high speed are city center to city center, making international travel quick and painless.

There are long distance routes with limited intermediate stops, meaning you get to your destination quicker. With flexible schedules and views of the Alps and the Tuscan countryside, some of the cities covered are Basel, Bern, Venice, Milan, Florence, Geneva and Zurich.

Rail Europe, Inc.
44 South Broadway
White Plains, NY 10601

Italy Source Package Trip

Italy Source offers a package deal for Italy and the Swiss Alps. You fly into Zurich and spend some time overlooking Lake Lucerne, then board a train to cruise through the mountains of Switzerland to Lugano, where you will ride into Italy at Lake Como. You will also spend time in Tremezzo, and Bellagio before again boarding a train to Florence. You'll spend two nights in the area, with a private guide for half a day. The final three nights will be spent in Rome on this tour, which is independent travel, not a group tour.

ItalySource LLC
199 Mill Lane
Charles Town, WV 25414

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