Berkley Fishing Pier Rules

Berkley Fishing Pier Rules
Berkeley Pier is a 2.5 mile dock stretching into the San Francisco Bay. It is a popular destination with people who like to fish because of its convenience and fish population. Easily accessible from Oakland, the pier currently allows fishing on the first 3,000 feet of the dock, creating plenty of space for large crowds. If you are planning a visit to Berkeley Pier, there are just a few rules you should keep in mind in advance.

Length Minimums

In order to ensure a continued healthy population of fish in the San Francisco Bay area, there are strict rules on the size of fish you are allowed to catch. For example, any captured halibut must be at least 23 inches long to prevent over-fishing of younger fish. The rules vary by season, so check the California Department of Fish and Game website before visiting Berkeley Pier.

Fishing Licenses

The Berkeley Pier is unique in that you do not need a fishing license to fish off of the pier. However, anyone fishing in the marina surrounding the pier must have a license. Confine your activities to the pier and you won't have any problems.

Watercraft and Swimming

To ensure safety, no one is allowed to use personal watercraft within 1,500 feet of the Berkeley Pier. Swimming, surfing and windsurfing are also prohibited around the pier.


Littering, whether in the water or on the pier, is prohibited at Berkeley Pier and in the larger marina complex. This extends to a prohibition on chumming the water in an effort to attract fish.

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