The Best Ski Tubes

The Best Ski Tubes
Ski tubing is a fun activity that can be done on water in the summer or snow in the winter. The best ski tubes are durable, comfortable and ride smoothly on the surface of the water or snow. They should be safe and provide an easy exit in case you lose control. Most ski tubes have a doughnut shape and a flat bottom, while others are a simple doughnut without a bottom. They can be inflatable or built out of a rigid plastic. The inflatables are ideal for transporting, but the plastic designs are more durable.

Tube Pro

Tube Pro manufactures snow tubes for commercial use at ski resorts and for individual consumers. The tube is reinforced rubber with a polyethylene plastic bottom. The rubber has a canvas cover with handles and a tow rope attached. The standard model has a diameter of 41 inches, while the mini (child) version is 31 inches in diameter. Tube Pro also makes a double tube and links for attaching single tubes. Foam inserts can be purchased separately to increase comfort while riding. The tube is a simple, durable design that is very fast on the snow. It is available in several colors, including the popular camouflage design.


Airhead has several great ski tubes designed for water use. The Hot Shot model is a high performance tube that gets great reviews from owners. It is a small, single-person tube that gets great air off the wake. It is constructed of a PVC bladder that has a nylon cover. Attached to the cover, you will find handles and neoprene knuckle guards. It is 57 inches in diameter, durable and comes with a limited warranty.

Moore Manufacturing

This company manufactures snow tubes for personal and commercial use. The tube is constructed from a heavy duty rubber inner tube covered polyester fabric. It has four handles and a hand leash attached to the cover. It weighs 10 lb. and is 44 inches in diameter. The cover has a slick acrylic coating for maximum speed on the slopes.


Aquaglide makes the Nitro 3 model ski tube for water use. It holds up to three people and provides a wild ride when towed behind a boat. It is a durable tube with great reviews from owners. It is a PVC tube and has a polyester cover. There are handles for all riders and stabilizing wings on the side of the tube. It comes with a one year limited warranty.


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