RV Parks in Redding, California

RV Parks in Redding, California
The Northern California city of Redding is located near the top of the Sacramento Valley. An RV vacation here means allowing some time for hiking in the mountains that surround this community. You've got Mt. Shasta to the west, the Cascades to the north and the Sierra Nevadas down south. Other interesting sites that make Redding a worthwhile place to camp are the Lake Shasta Caverns and Lake Redding-Caldwell Park, where you can enjoy swimming and other water sports.

Cooper Culch Campground

Cooper Gulch provides just five RV-only sites, but you can have a fantastic time if you are lucky enough to grab one. Don't leave your kayak or canoe behind because you can launch yourself right from the camp. Activities are not limited to time spent on the water, however. The campsite has several hiking trails. You can also get in some fishing even if you don't go out in the boat. If you are sans boat, try a hammock. It's relaxing to hammer one end to a pine and the other to a cedar tree and rock back and forth while losing yourself in a good book.

Cooper Gulch Campground
Lewiston, CA 96052
(530) 226-2500

Nelson Point Campground

Nelson Point features eight multipurpose sites. All offer a picnic table and fire grate, and some sites have a stone fire ring. The site is located just above Shasta Lake and is about 20 miles north of the town of Redding. The lake provides ample opportunity for heading out on a boat. While on the lake you can get in some fishing or strap yourself to some skis and enjoy higher-octane water fun. Nearby attractions include the Turtle Bay Museum and Arboretum and Shasta Lake Cavern. Pets are allowed as long as they are on a 6-foot leash. There's no playground for the kids. You can reserve a spot at Nelson Point from early June through early September.

Nelson Point Campground
14538 Wonderland Blvd.
Redding, CA 96501
(877) 444-6777

Mountain Gate RV Park

Mountain Gate RV Park provides 108 sites and wide paved roads. Swimming is available in what the park staff likes to refer to as a "solar heated" outdoor pool. You have access to 370 miles of shoreline that surrounds Lake Shasta, so bring along your best fishing gear to reel in some really big trout and bass. Lassen Volcanic Park provides a wealth of opportunities for hiking up trails that end up near geysers erupting high into the sky. Guided tours of Lake Shasta Caverns are available. Tours begin with a boat tour across the lake, and you're then deposited at the entrance to the caves. Other trails will take you to the 129-foot drop at Burney Falls.

Mountain Gate RV Park
14161 Holiday Road
Redding, CA 96003
(800) 404-6040

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