Different Types of Fishing Reels

Different Types of Fishing Reels
There are a variety of different types of fishing reels available to fishermen. Depending on the fishing situation, some of them are more effective than others. The three primary types of fishing reels are spinning, baitcasting and spin cast. With those types of reels, fishermen will have the necessary equipment for nearly any fishing situation they encounter.

Spin cast reels

Also known as closed-face reels, spin cast reels are the best choice for beginning fishermen due to their ease of use. Also, they are generally the least expensive fishing reels, so a large monetary investment is not required. These reels sit atop the fishing rod and a button on the reel is used to let line out and cast. Spin cast reels can be used for a variety of fish, but they lack high-capacity spools and, as such, cannot hold large amounts of line. The drag systems on spin cast reels also are not particularly reliable. However, spin cast reels are easy for novice fishermen to use and there is not a lot that can go wrong with them.

Spinning reels

Spinning reels come in a wide variety of sizes and can be used for a wide variety of fish species, from small panfish to large saltwater predators. These reels range from relatively cheap to expensive, depending on the quality. Spinning reels sit below the fishing rod and have variable-sized spools that accommodate varying amounts of fishing line. These reels have front or rear drag systems that can be set to help ensure fish do not break the line. Spinning reels also excel at casting light lures and lures can be cast accurately with spinning reels. While spinning reels are more difficult to use than spin cast reels, a little practice is all that is required to become proficient at using them.

Baticasting reels

Baitcasting reels are the most specialized of any of the types of fishing reels. They are best used with heavier lures than can be fished with a spinning reel. Baitcasting reels sit atop the fishing rod and come in a wide variety of sizes. They can be used to catch fish ranging in size from a pound or two to hundreds or thousands of pounds. Baitcasting reels are typically the most expensive reel type, as well as the most difficult to use. However, they have a variety of settings so anglers can make adjustments to maximize casting distance, for example. Once anglers are proficient at casting baitcasting reels, they are the most accurate of all reels because you can control the amount of line that comes off the spool with your thumb. If you do not put your thumb on the line before the lure reaches the water, though, the spool will keep spinning and result in a tangled fishing line. Baitcasting reels are the most difficult to use and it is recommended that beginning anglers start with a spin cast or spinning reel.

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