Types of Salt Water Fish in New Jersey Bays

Types of Salt Water Fish in New Jersey Bays
Although it is one of the smallest states in the nation, New Jersey has a dense population who loves to fish. This is probably because there are so many various waterways within close range, both freshwater and saltwater. Some of the best saltwater fishing in the state is in the bay areas of New Jersey. Here, you can find a number of different species of fish. Some are more populous than others, but they all create some kind of a challenge for anglers. They can also make for a great meal.


There are two types of mackerel found in New Jersey bays. Both are not regularly seen there, as they are migratory fish that swim up the coast in the Atlantic, but they are common enough. The king mackerel and the Spanish mackerel are the species found here, and they have both been used in fisheries in the New Jersey bay area since the late 1800s and early 1900s. The mackerels have a narrow, elongated body. King mackerels are brown-green in color with a white underbelly, while Spanish mackerels are white or silver with a bluish tint at top and red-orange spots running along their sides.


One of the most common saltwater fish in New Jersey bays is the bluefish. These fish get their name from the blue-gray color that covers their streamlined body. These fish are natural hunters with sharp teeth and they swim and hunt in large groups. As one of the most populous fish in New Jersey bays, there are many charters that take people out to fish for them. As far as fishing goes, they will most likely be 3 to 15 pounds, with smaller fish being enjoyed more for their tastier meat.


Of all the saltwater fish on this list, the flounder has probably the most distinctive body and shape. These fish are essentially flat and round or egg-shaped, with both eyes sitting on the same side of the fish. These fish are found throughout the year, with winter and summer varieties living when the weather is right for their particular species. Flounders are fished regularly for their meat, which is considered among the best of the fish found in New Jersey bays.

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