Field Trip Ideas in Utah

Field Trip Ideas in Utah
An effective way to promote an interactive educational experience is with a field trip. Taking a class to a new place and exploring histories can be enlightening and fun. In Utah, there are great sights and experiences that would greatly interest any field trip group.There is a world of knowledge in Utah's vast land, full of trails and archaeological opportunities for children. You will enjoy a field trip in Utah's backyard.

The Mormon Pioneer Trail

The early expedition of the Mormon Pioneers is highlighted and open to the masses on this informational trail. Key events and facts about their lifestyles are also made available. The trail ends with a fascination attraction called "This is The Place Heritage Park" that includes Brigham Young's farm house and a monument. This trail is the perfect accompaniment to a discussion on church history, as Utah has many Mormon citizens. Young adult and primary school children alike can enjoy this visit. This field trip would be ideal for a middle school to high school level history class.

3651 Jasmine Street
West Valley City, Utah
(801) 969-4698‎‎

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is offers many exhibits such American Indian Art and stories of its artists. Other collections vary by season. Collections of local contemporary art are available, as well as modern painting and sculpture. There are other staple exhibits which show in the museum all year round.The Museum offers guided tours to groups which would be an excellent field trip activity. The Museum also has a cafe, which would be a nice dining experience for all field trip attendees. This field trip would be ideal for an art class or even a history class.

410 Campus Center Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 581-7049‎

Clark Planetatrium

Clark planetarium takes an interactive approach with lots of hands on displays, games and tours. Field trip participants can learn about an astronomers work or view an interactive globe. Clark planetarium also has meteorites on display and other fragments from space.Children will have an opportunity to interact with their surroundings. This field trip would be ideal for a primary school science class or even a high school level astronomy class.

110 S 400 W.
Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 456-7827‎

Dinosaur National Monument

This field trip is best for a young adult high school history class. The primordial history of Dinosaurs can be explored on a half-mile hike. Fossils and a virtual museum are available to provide knowledge and a hands on experience for all in attendance.

4545 Highway 40
Dinosaur, CO 81610
(970) 374-3000

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