What You Need to Know to Travel to Costa Rica

What You Need to Know to Travel to Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a democratic country with good tourist facilities. The country has strong English-speaking skills and is scenic enough to attract a number of visitors every year. The travel itself is inexpensive, and hotels can be booked online or through travel agents.


People traveling to Costa Rica must have a valid passport, which should be valid for at least thirty days after arrival to the state. A round-trip ticket should also be brought, and a visa may be necessary depending on the traveler's nationality. U.S. citizens may stay up to ninety days; if the visit needs to be extended, an application has to be approved for the extension.


The climate in Costa Rica usually is hot and rainy, and it is necessary to bring clothes that are flowing and cool. Most people wear long sleeves because of the hot sun, and they wear pants to prevent sunburn. Shorts usually are confined to the beach area. Clothes are cheap in the area, so if you plan on coming on vacation, you may buy the clothes as you go rather than bring a lot of luggage. Bring a jacket and umbrella for the rainy weather and also keep a mesh bag in case your clothes get wet. Keep a bottle of water and a cap to ward off direct rays from the sun.


While the health system of the nation is quite good, there are some things that have to be kept in mind. Keep a first aid kit with you; the humid climate makes the smallest cuts a risk for infection. Make sure you have sunglasses and sunblock to protect you from the UV rays of the sun. Prescriptions should be filled before coming to the region; while you may get the medicines here, it may be hard to fill the prescription. Tampons and toilet paper may be hard to come by in the rural regions of Costa Rica, so consider them an essential when traveling.

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