Tips on Largemouth Bass Fishing in Small Lakes in Florida

Tips on Largemouth Bass Fishing in Small Lakes in Florida
Small lake bass fishing in Florida is both exciting and challenging. Small lakes are often located close to one another while at the same time taking on very different characteristics. For example, small lakes will typically be more shallow than larger lakes, which can affect water temperature, spawning and plant life along the banks.


Your equipment should include a 6-to-7 foot medium heavy rod with a stiff back bone. The rod can be a spinning or bait casting rod. Your line should be no lighter than 10-or-12 lb. test. Many anglers prefer a braided line for even greater strength and breaking resistance. Good lures to use include crank, spinner and plastic baits. The type of live bait (minnows, worms) you use will vary according to weather conditions.



Smaller lakes usually require fishermen to navigate and work more structure than on a larger lake. With largemouth bass, structure equals a greater opportunity to land a lunker. Learning to fish in and around limbs, rocks, stumps and heavy plants is a necessity in smaller lakes.

Season and Weather

Weather changes can impact smaller lakes much more than larger ones. A summer thunderstorm will cool a small lake faster than a larger lake. The result can be a dropoff in feeding activity and movement, which greatly impacts the chances of catching fish. Smaller bodies of water are also more easily impacted by seasonal changes. For example, spring spawns occur sooner in a small lake, where the waters warm more quickly.


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