What Is The Best Bait for Bass Fishing in Mexico?

What Is The Best Bait for Bass Fishing in Mexico?
Bass fishing in Mexico features mild climates and large amounts of aquatic plants, which equals big-time, trophy-class bass. Lakes such as El Salto, Baccarac and Huites are prime rearing waters, where 10-pound bass are more the norm than the exception. A bass trip to Mexico is a total immersion trip, where the fisherman is plunged into a completely different world of fishing as well as culture. Fishing for bass south of the border will require the use of many of the same types of lures used for catching bass in the states, however, there may be a need for different color variations and size lures.

Plastic Baits

When it comes to bass, many anglers who venture into the waters of Mexico prefer plastic baits such as Trick Worms, creature baits including Brush Hogs, as well as crustaceans such as crayfish. When fishing plastics in Mexico, keep in mind that it may be necessary to alter the choice of color or size from that which is normally used. Mexican waters often feature natural food that differs in color from that found in other areas, so take a good selection of size and color of your favorite plastic bait.

Crank Baits

When considering a crank bait, color may be one of the most important considerations. The natural bait fish found in Mexico may be different in coloration or marking from fish found in areas such as the southeastern United States, for example. As a result, it may be necessary to carry a wider range of baits in regard to coloration and designs or patterns to more closely mimic the bait fish that cranks are attempting to imitate.

Spinners and Spinner Baits

Inline spinners and spinner baits should not be left out of the tackle box when heading south. Just as with waters in the U.S., there will be times when a spinner bait is the weapon of choice. For example, when the winds come up, it is time for spinner bait or inline spinner. Once again, keep handy a variety of sizes and especially colors, as there may be more opportunity for presentation in regard to coloration and patterning.

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