The Best Dive Lights

The Best Dive Lights
If you are diving in murky waters, and, especially if you like to go on night dives, a good dive light is essential. There are a number of excellent dive lights on the market. Some of the best dive lights as rated by ScubaLab include the TEC Shockwave LED, the Fuego and the Super Q eLED.

Princeton TEC Shockwave LED

The Princeton Shockwave LED has three maxbright LEDs to produce 400 Lumens brightness, with two settings: superbright and low. The superbright setting is great for spotting objects at a distance, whereas the low setting is great for conserving battery power. The Shockwave is waterproof up to 100 meters and is also impact-proof. It uses eight C-cell batteries and has an estimated burn time of 20 hours. It is highly rated by ScubaLab due to a number of factors, such as its superbright setting, its wide beam, long burn time and price. As of 2009, the Shockwave LED's starting price is $140.

Scubapro Fuego

The Fuego LED light by Scubapro runs on four C-cell batteries and uses just one 5-watt LED light. The Fuego has an estimated burn time of four hours at 100 percent, after which the light begins to diminish over the next 20 to 24 hours. It is a compact dive light that you can easily store inside the pocket of your BCD. In addition, its slide switch is easy to locate and operate one-handed. It has an excellent grip, making it much harder to drop, and, for even more security, it comes with a lanyard. In addition, Fuego has a double o-ring seal, making it much less likely that water will leak into the light. This dive light was particularly well-rated by ScubaLab due to its convenient size and the strength of its beam.

UK Super Q eLED

The Super Q eLED is made by Underwater Kinetics. It features a high-intensity spot beam that has a brightness of 90 Lumens and is rated to a depth of 500 feet. Rather than an on-and-off switch, it has a bezel that you twist on and off. Unlike the other dive lights, it has a lithium battery and comes with a power supply, as well as a USB charger. In addition, it is designed to transfer heat produced back into the batteries to improve its cold weather performance. The Super Q eLED has a burn time of four to five hours. It is rated highly in ScubaLab's backup light category, being the smallest and lightest dive light, which also burned the brightest. Starting at $120 (as of 2009), it is costlier than other dive lights in its category; however, it is more cost effective due to the fact that you do not have to constantly replace the batteries.

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