Bike Trails in Jackson, Michigan

Bike Trails in Jackson, Michigan
Biking in southern Michigan can be a pleasure for Midwest outdoor enthusiasts. Many bike trails wind through forested hillsides, quaint country roads and scenic county parks. Of the 1,300 miles of bike trails in Michigan, Jackson's trails are some of the most accessible. These bike trails make enjoyable day trips and are great for weekend excursions whether you live in the Midwest or are vacationing in the region. If you are a novice biker or a long-time cycling veteran, Jackson, Michigan, has a good selection of high-quality bike trails.

Falling Waters Trail

This 10.5-mile trail travels through Cascades, Ella Sharp, Lime Lake, and Swains Lake parks as you cruise the retired Michigan Central rail bed. The trail starts in Concord at the tip of Mill Pond and travels past Reynolds Lake before crossing Lime Lake near the trail's mid-point. The trail is rich in Native American and railroad history that is evident along the journey.

Parking lot is at the end of River Road
Concord, MI 49237
(517) 787-9442


Portage Lake Loop

This bike loop has some of the most scenic terrain in Jackson, following hilly terrain past evergreens, lakes, and small streams. The length of the loop is 30.6 miles but it is a moderate ride. Even though the terrain has hills, they have small elevation gains, making the ride fast-going and enjoyable.

Trail-head at East Morell and South Milwaukee streets
Jackson, MI 49202
(517) 788-4040

Tunnel Trail

Ella Sharp Park has a collection of trails that suit any level rider from the novice to the seasoned technical rider. The Tunnel Trail is a short trail that passes through a small section of Sharp Park. There are several nearby trails that can be linked to this trail, making the opportunity for longer distances and further exploration around the park possible.

Sharp Park
3225 4th Street
Jackson, MI 49203
(517) 788-4055

Intercity Trail

This is a short trail that offers easy terrain from Weatherwax to Biddle St. This small 3.4-mile trail is recommended for beginners or cyclists looking for a quick ride to get their blood pumping. This is an excellent trail to hop on after work or if you have limited time to go out and cycle.

Trailhead at Weatherwax and Park Road
Jackson, MI 49203
(517) 788-4055


Article Written By Rob Holzman

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Rob Holzman has been writing outdoor articles since 1997. He recently published the first comprehensive rock climbing guidebook for Pennsylvania and has fiction work published in the "Pacific Northwest Inlander". Holzman has also appeared on FOX television and has been an outdoor consultant for the Discovery Channel.

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