RV Camping Ideas

RV Camping Ideas
An RV opens up a whole new world when it comes to camping. You are no longer relegated to the great outdoors surrounded by trees and the struggle to find water. RV parking is a major part of the travel landscape, and you can use your rig to follow around sports teams or take advantage of this nation's natural wonders.

NASCAR Speedways

NASCAR caters to those fans who follow their favorite drivers around from park to park. Nearly every NASCAR speedway has an RV park set up within just a few miles of the raceway. The RV is the perfect way to head to a big race at which up to 100,000 people may be attending and fighting over the most convenient hotel rooms. You can show up in your own hotel and restaurant. Depending on how close the RV park is to the speedway, you can also enjoy beating the problem of getting stuck in traffic for several hours while you heat up the propane and feast on dinner while others racing fans are happy to move their vehicle half a mile in 30 minutes. NASCAR racetracks are not just found in the South. An RV vacation that hits the NASCAR circuit can take you from Daytona Beach to New York to Indiana to California.

Hunting for Gems and Gold

Hunting for rocks may sound like a boring use for your RV until you realize that the rocks you are hunting for have names like diamonds, emeralds and gold nuggets. Many RV campsites are near areas that allow you to pan for gold or go digging for diamonds and other rare gems. The Crystal Grove Mine and Campground lets you dig for Herkimer diamonds while you park your RV at a very affordable rate. The gold rush of California may have ended more than 150 years ago, but is still "gold in them thar hills." You can find a number of RV campsites near areas where you can pan for gold in California and along the Nevada border, especially around Lake Tahoe.

Oregon Coastal Highway 101

One very popular RV camping idea simply takes you down coastal highway 101 in Oregon. You have 363 miles of coastline that can actually be enjoyed from the comfort of your RV while traveling. Unlike many coastal highways, this Oregon trail actually allows you get more than just a passing glimpse of the ocean as you drive. The trek from Long Beach, Washington, to Crescent City, California, has many interesting attractions along the way. From the Tillamook Cheese Factory to the West Coast Game Park Safari, there are number of attractions for a visit on this long drive.

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