The Best Dried Foods for Camping

The Best Dried Foods for CampingCamping, hiking and wilderness go hand in hand. However, fine dining is not often associated with the wilderness experience. When on an overnight and extended hiking trip it is important to pack food that is lightweight as well as nutritious. Convenient, easy to carry and nutritious does not mean that food has to be flavorless. There are plenty of dried-food production companies that produce meals for the modern hiker that range in price, flavor and caloric content. To compare dried-food brands by caloric content or weight go to the Wilderness Dinning website's comprehensive guide to the different brands of camping food. However, for taste and overall quality here are a few favorites.

Trail Foods

Enertia brand Trail Foods offers a wide range of options, including breakfast items such as "Mountain Morning Oatmeal" and "Sierra Scramble." In addition, Enertia offers entrees such as "Beartooth Beans," a hearty favorite, as well as "High Country Casserole" and yummy desserts. Trail Foods' prices are about $6 per serving. They provide one of the highest caloric options. Enertia's Trail Foods brand camping food is especially great for long strenuous hikes or cold weather camping.

Mary Jane's Farm

Mary Jane's Farm produces organic vegetarian trail food that has an ethnic flair. Foods can be purchased in bulk or bought individually for $6 to $10 per serving. Mary Jane's Farm offers an abundance of choices including organic scones with walnuts and orange peel, couscous and lentil curry and red pesto pasta. These foods accommodate caloric and protein needs of vegetarian and vegan hikers and campers.

Natural High

Natural High offers down-home favorites in a lightweight trail-friendly package. Entrees include cheese pizza and zucchini lasagna. The company also offers desserts such as apple brown betty and breakfast staples like pancakes. Caloric content is sufficient and prices range from $4 to $7 per serving.

Camp N Trail

Camping would not be complete without some good ol' rice and beans. Camp N Trail offers a complete line of dishes, most consisting of rice and beans, at an economical price. Entrees include Spanish rice with cheese, white rice with chicken seasoning and Cajun red beans and rice. The price is about $3.50 per serving.

Alpine Aire

Alpine Aire offers choices for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Lunch items include chicken and almond salad with crackers, a tasty treat on the trail, as well as other protein rich options such as chicken gumbo and pepper steak and rice. Prices range from $4 to $7.50 and all are adequate in calories.


Article Written By Leah Deitz

Leah Deitz has been writing alternative health and environmental-related articles for over five years. She began her writing career at a small newspaper covering city politics but turned to environmental concerns after beginning her freelance career. When she is not exploring the trails and outdoors of the East Coast, Deitz writes for a number of different websites.

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