Uses for Scuba Tanks That Fail Hydro

Uses for Scuba Tanks That Fail Hydro
Scuba tanks eventually wear out, and when the dive shop won't fill your dive tank because of a failed hydro test, you have to make a decision on what to do with your condemned scuba tank. People make many things out of their old tanks. Some choose to blast the finish off and repaint the tank to the color of choice or use the original finish and markings to give the "Yes, this really is made from a scuba tank!" look. Either way, with a little creativity you can make something memorable and functional that will last for years.

Dive Tank Bells and Chimes

Let the little tinkling wind chimes hanging off your neighbors' porch serve as an inspiration. With a little time and a saw made for metal, turn your condemned scuba tank into a garden bell or monster wind chimes.Cut the bottoms off the tanks at different lengths for different tones, then suspend them from an X-shaped spacing bar to hang a few inches from each other. The garden bell solution has a pendulum suspended inside that rings when you pull the rope. Some African schools use scuba tanks for their bells.

Unbeatable Mailboxes

Turn your tank into a super sturdy mailbox. Use a shorter dive tank or cut some inches out of the middle of the tank---unless you get a lot of long mail. Remove the tank boot, and cut about an inch below where the boot covers to ensure a water-tight seal when you close the mailbox. Fasten your condemned scuba tank to a post made of either wood or metal with a bolt or weld. Then find a hinge, drill the holes for the screws and make any final fit adjustments. File the sawed edges to avoid cutting the mailman.

Extreme Use Lamp

One of the brighter uses for old tanks involves lighting up your life with a lamp made from a condemned scuba tank---a light you won't have to worry about the dog knocking over and breaking. With a drill and some easily acquired electrical components, transform the dive tank by attaching a light fixture to the top and drilling a hole in the bottom through which to fish the electric cord. Add a shade and a bulb, and you have an extreme-use lamp.

Smoker's Garbage Can / Trash Receptacle

Cut the top off your condemned scuba tank and stand the tank upright to accommodate trash. Place your spent dive tank by your desk or coffee machine. Or simply take out the valve and use it as a smoker's ashtray by your dock or smoking area without having to worry about trash fires.

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