The Best Earbuds for Biking

The Best Earbuds for Biking
The best earbuds for biking have a comfortable fit and great sound quality. They should not fall out while riding and should not irritate your ears. If you have odd-shaped ears and cannot keep the earbuds secure, try using a headband or buy a pair of budfits to wrap around your ear. Earbuds make it possible to listen to music while riding;for safety's sake, however, turn them down or take them off in high traffic situations, and do not use them in sanctioned races.


The light, simple Nike Flight earbuds have a full band that hooks behind your head to ensure that they do not fall out of your ear; the band will not interfere with your helmet. Nike also makes the Neckband Headphone. Like to the Flight, it has a cable exiting out of the neck band that stays out of the way while you ride.


Their PMX70 Sport Line uses a neckband and wraps around your ear for a secure fit. Sweat- and water-resistant, these buds weigh in a little heavier than other earbuds, but they also provide more durability. Sennheiser also makes the MX75 Twist-to-Fit model, which does not have a band. Also sweat- and wate-resistant, these buds allow a secure fit in most ears.


The Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds offer a simple, strapless design with great sound quality. They stay put in most ears and out of the way. Lightweight and ideal for the minimalist, they come in black, green or silver.


JBuds has several different earbuds built on a similar design. They do not have a neck or head band, and they fit most ears without falling out. Also durable and lightweight, JBuds have great sound quality because they employ silicone to block outside noise.

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