Fun Things to Cook on a Campfire

Fun Things to Cook on a CampfireDon't let the erratic jumping of flames intimidate you from cooking up some creative meals over the campfire. Simply scope out a good spot to rest your pot or pan, food or foil. As you did when you were a child patiently warming marshmallows over the fire, find a bed of hot embers over which to place your food. Use sticks, skewers, a grill or pots with legs to raise the food over the embers.


Nourish your body and warm your spirit with a generous platter of soft, seasoned vegetables. Eggplant, bell pepper and zucchini offer the best texture; they nearly melt in your mouth. These can be placed directly on a grill. Season with salt and sprinkle with soy sauce or a vinaigrette. For something starchier, try roasted potatoes. Boil small potatoes in a pot until soft, toss in oil and spices, then place on the grill. Finally, witness a surprising transformation by cooking a whole onion over the fire. The nearly inedible spice of a crisp, raw onion becomes as soft and sweet as a baked apple. Simply wrap in foil and let the heat of the fire work its alchemy.

Hearty Meals

Chop up your favorite veggies and meat into bite-sized pieces. As an alternative to the classic foil method--which cooks them all in a medley--you can skewer them to make shish kebabs. Enhance your meal with some simple, warm bread; make a dough with flour, oil, baking powder, water and salt, knead until soft, and then twist around a skewer to hold over the fire.


For a sweet applesauce, remove the core from an apple and fill the space with cinnamon and sugar. Wrap in foil and cook over the fire for 10 to 15 minutes. Or try warming a banana with chocolate in the middle over a fire. Improvise a pie with one can of biscuits and a pie filling of your choice; flatten the biscuits on a sheet of tin foil, place the filling on top, wrap the dough over and press down on the edges.


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