The Best Bike Baskets

The Best Bike Baskets
There are many options on the market for bike baskets. The one you choose will depend on the style you prefer and the gear being transported. Baskets can be attached to the front or rear of your bicycle depending on the style of the basket. Typical basket styles include metal caging, canvas bags, plastic, mesh and traditional wicker. Metal caging is good for rugged use and handles sharp edges while canvas bags are light and handle odd shapes. Traditional wicker is the most stylish design and is good for carrying light loads.

Traditional Baskets

The Basil Blossom Basket has an appealing design that is created with recyclable fibers, although it has a traditional wicker look. The Hershberger Baker's Basket is an Amish-made basket that has a beautiful artisan look. Both baskets are stylish and would look great on a cruiser bike. They are also capable of carrying a modestly sized load and decent weight without harming the basket.



Metal baskets are economical and durable. Rivendell Bicycle Works produces a simple rear mount basket that holds a generous amount of gear without taking up too much space. It is important to lash your gear down or it will fall out of the basket. The rear mount is often preferred because it does not block your vision of low lying obstacles on the road.


The Lift-off Basket hooks directly on to the handlebars and can be easily removed. This is ideal for use as a shopping basket in the grocery store. Its easy removal also makes this basket convenient for when you want to ride without it.


Plastic bike baskets are gaining in popularity and are relatively inexpensive. Most are simply designed and are functional. Others, however, such as the Carrie by Marie-Louise Gustaffson, are intricately patterned and slightly more expensive. While plastic baskets are not as durable as metal they are easy to replace and recycle.


Mesh baskets are durable, light, and easy to repair. They are similar in function to metal and are very affordable. Wald Sports makes removable mesh baskets in several sizes that are easy to mount and dismount from a bicycle for carry-around purposes.


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