Top Dive Masks

Top Dive Masks
One of the first pieces of equipment that a scuba diver will buy is a dive mask. A good mask will enhance a scuba dive, while a poorly fitted mask can mean you'll be spending more time fiddling with your mask than actually enjoying your dive. When looking for a top dive mask, consider your diving ability, what kind of dives you like to do and what kind of features you're looking for in a mask.

H20 Alpha 2 Mask

The H20 Alpha 2 is a good mask that fits most adult faces. It's rated for those weighing between 60 and 240 pounds. It's a low volume mask, perfect for seeing as clearly as possible under water, and it has a crystal silicone seal. It also has a purge valve option. If water gets in, simply tilt your head down slightly and exhale through the nose to get rid of the excess water. It is a good basic mask and has been awarded the scuba lab testers choice and best buy awards. The H20 Alpha 2 comes in a variety of colors, including black with a black silicone skirt.


Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin Mask

The Mares X-Vision is rated for medium to large faces. The manufacturer claims that the silicone skirt that touches the diver's face is made from a silicone that is 45 percent softer than regular silicone. It also claims that it is 270 percent more elastic than other scuba diving masks. The elasticity and its softness makes it a more comfortable fit on many faces. The soft silicone nose makes it much easier to equalize when you're under water. The buckles on the Mares X-Vision are ergonomic and are comfortably placed on the silicone skirt. The mask has a wide field of vision and very low volume.

Oceanic DataMask HUD

The Oceanic DataMask is a high-end mask for the serious scuba diver. The mask contains an LCD display that can be easily viewed under water. The display provides information such as tank pressure and depth. In addition, its dive computer can calculate a diver's ascent time and decompression status. The LCD display has an adjustable backlight for easier viewing regardless of conditions. In addition, measurements can be switched between metric and imperial according to the scuba diver's preference. It also features audible alarms, perfect if you're reaching a maximum depth or need to make a decompression stop. Another excellent feature is that the Oceanic DataMask can be used whether you're diving with air or Nitrox.


Article Written By Shiromi Nassreen

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