Michigan Travel Clubs

Michigan Travel Clubs
Finding a travel club in Michigan can be difficult, but fortunately there are a handful of little-known clubs that offer a wide variety of services and privileges for their members. Some of these clubs include the Nomads, TCA Travel Club and Jayco Travel Club.


Nomads Inc. is a metro-Detroit based, nonprofit travel club that frequents many locations around the world. Founded in 1965, the Nomads have gone to many locations in the Western Hemisphere, Europe, the South Pacific and the United States. Privileges of joining include the ability to travel on the Nomads' private plane--a Boeing 727-200 jet. There is a one-time fee to join, plus yearly membership dues.

Nomads World Terminal
Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Detroit, MI 48242-1799
(734) 941-8000

TCA Travel Club

TCA Travel Club was founded in 1996 and consists of a small group of individuals who love to travel. TCA mainly focuses on weekend trips to places in the U.S. that promote rest, relaxation and adult entertainment throughout the year, with a bi-annual family trip. TCA requires a one-time payment to join.

TCA Travel Club
14421 Westwood Street
Detroit, MI 48244
(313) 869-8141‎

Jayco Travel Club

Jayco Travel Club membership is geared toward RV owners and enthusiasts. The goal of the Jayco Travel Club is to promote family camping trips and to allow people to interact with others who share similar interests in the RV lifestyle. One of their largest events is called the "International Rally" and is held each year in various places in the U.S. and Canada. Jayco Travel Club also offers many local and regional activities throughout the course of the year. The club requires a yearly fee to join.

Jayco Travel Club
2655 Michigan 63
Benton Harbor, MI
(269) 849-2500‎

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