Lightweight Camping Tents

Lightweight Camping Tents
Whether you go backcountry camping in summer or winter, bringing a lightweight camping tent is a must. The lighter the tent and accompanying parts, the more you can take with you on your hike to the campsite. Even better, a lightweight multi-person tent can greatly cut down the amount of gear your camping party needs to carry overall, so you might even be able to get to some out-of-the way campsites and therefore won't have to compete with other campers setting up sites along the easily accessible paths.

MSR Ultralite Hubba 1-person Tent

Choose this three-season tent if you are camping solo. It weighs about 3 pounds has a rain fly and footprint. It would be unwise to eliminate the latter two for a 1-pound weight savings, because they will keep you warm and dry should the weather turn. MSR's Ultralite retails for about $250 from


Kelty Yellowstone 2-person Tent

Opt for the Kelty Yellowstone if you and a friend will be camping together. This two-person tent retails for about $100 and is rated for three seasons. It comes with a polyester rain fly, and all components weigh a smidgen over 6 pounds.

Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead 3-person Tent

Consider the Hammerhead three-person tent by Mountain Hardwear if you and two friends set out on a camping trip. This tent retails for $280. It comes standard with a polyester rain fly and, when packaged with all components, weighs a little over 9 pounds.

Mountain Hardwear Casa 4-person Tent

Pick the Mountain Hardwear Casa tent if you foresee having four people use it for sleeping arrangements. It retails for about $350 and weighs 11 pounds when packed. Because it is guaranteed watertight, it is a good choice for autumn or spring camping trips.

Kelty Lounge 6-person Tent

Check back with Kelty if you need a six-person tent. This manufacturer's Lounge model sleeps six, features watertight walls and a rain fly and weighs only a little over 21 pounds, properly packed. While this might seem like a lot of weight, it is a space and weight saver if you consider that it will provide sleeping quarters for six adults and doesn't require the individual carrying of tents and supplies.


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