Aluminum Vs. Carbon Bikes

Aluminum Vs. Carbon Bikes
Bike frames can be built from a variety of materials but aluminum and carbon are two popular designs. They are both functional and can serve your cycling purposes. There are several factors to consider before purchasing a bike built from either material. Weight, cost, size, durability and function are all important considerations.


Aluminum frames are built with large diameter tubing and thick walls. They are stronger than carbon but also weigh more. Carbon is light, and as the technology advances, the frames are becoming increasingly stronger.



High-performance carbon frames are expensive when compared to aluminum. They should be considered for serious competition riding but are not necessary for the daily commute. Aluminum frames are affordable and perform well in a variety of situations.


Both frame styles offer durability. Aluminum frames are easier to repair and the material itself is difficult to break and bend. If it is a cheap frame with thin-walled aluminum, the durability will decrease. Carbon frames are durable and require extreme stress to fracture or break. Once broken, they are difficult to repair and may require replacement.


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