The Best Wetsuits for Diving

The Best Wetsuits for Diving
Wetsuits are essential for divers in providing insulation while acting as protection against underwater hazards such as coral and jellyfish. Choose a wetsuit that features neoprene durable enough to protect you from the elements but that also fits well enough to keep you dry and warm while maintaining your freedom of movement. Some wetsuits that are ideal for diving are one-piece body suits. Others offer extra layers for added insulation and protection while maintaining flexibility.

Bare Suit

The Bare Ultra Dry Drysuit features a high-quality latex that covers the suit. It features a latex seal at the neck, ankles and wrists to ensure dryness and warmth. The Bare Ultra Dry Drysuit provides adequate insulation for divers and enough flexibility that it is also ideal for use in water sports such as waterskiing, kiteboarding and wakeboarding. Choose a neoprene that is thick enough to keep you warm when diving in cold, deep water. Use a short wetsuit with leggings and short sleeves when diving in warm, shallow water.

Oceanic Shadow Titanium

The Oceanic Shadow Titanium is a three-piece wetsuit. It includes a 5 mm one-piece long sleeve body suit, a 5 mm short sleeve jacket or shorty and a 3 mm hood. Wear all three pieces of the Oceanic Shadow Titanium wetsuit for maximum warmth when diving in cold, deep water. The neoprene is 10 mm thick at the spine and around the kidneys and features a layer of titanium at the outer and inner face for added warmth. Soft plush lines the interior of the one-piece Shadow Titanium body suit. This plush remains soft underwater and does not compress. There are double seals at the wrists and a zipped seal at the ankles. The zipped seal is compatible with Shadow boots.


The Oceanic Shadow Titanium wetsuit features durable rubber contours on the elbows and knees. There is high-stretch neoprene under the arms, in the crotch and behind the knees to maintain a tight fit while allowing freedom of movement. The shorty features reinforced shoulder pads that prevent excessive wear. The hood is fully integrated and features a smooth-skin seal that connects to the collar and upper seals of the one-piece body suit.

Article Written By Chris Passas

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