The Best Wide Walking Shoes

The Best Wide Walking Shoes
It can be difficult to find wide walking shoes but there are several companies that specialize in fitting the wide foot. It is important to find shoes that are comfortable and wide enough to prevent blisters and callouses. Walking is much easier and enjoyable with a properly fit shoe than with an uncomfortable pair. You will also be able to walk farther and longer.

New Balance

New Balance makes several walking shoe designs that are great for wide feet. The 6E walkers are a popular style and are very comfortable on hard surfaces. For walking on rough surfaces in the outdoors the country walkers are a good choice. They have aggressive tread and are aesthetically pleasing.


Hitchcock sport makes several great fitting wide shoes. They allow extra toe room and have ample cushioning and arch support. Their Sport Athletic Shoe offers a stable platform and a breathable design to keep your feet dry while the Outdoor Casual Walker has a stylish design and great traction.


Sketchers makes high quality, affordable shoes for wide feet. Their Sport Jogger is a lightweight shoe with aggressive tread for heavy use. They also make the Sparta Taega for comfort, traction and everyday walking.


This company makes walking shoes with extra cushion for orthopedic support. They have several removable cushioned insoles for the perfect fit and are easy to slip on with the velcro strap design.


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