Train Trips From Alnmouth to Edinburgh

Train Trips From Alnmouth to Edinburgh
The village of Alnmouth is located within a stretch of the Northumberland coast boasting the title of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Alnmouth is so named for its location at the mouth of the river Aln. It has been historically a vital trading port and remains a very popular tourist destination.

Alnmouth boasts the UK's fourth oldest golf course as well as a number of scenic walking trails, both coastal and inland, and a cycle path, which takes riders south to Warkworth.

The rail station can be easily accessed from Alnmouth, allowing for convenient travel to and from the village, making it an ideal destination for a weekend at the seaside.

All prices quoted below are in British Pounds (GBP).

Alnmouth Railway Station

The Alnmouth Railway Station sits about 1 mile, 15 minutes by car, inland from the village of Alnmouth, in the village of Hipsburn. The station, managed by Northern Rail, is part of the Cross Country Network and the East Coast Main Line. Both lines offer direct service to Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city.

Alnmouth Railway Station
Northumberland, NE66 2ST
Telephone: 08450 000125

CrossCountry Network

The CrossCountry Network offers service from as far south as Penzance in Cornwall up to Aberdeen, Scotland.

A train from Alnmouth Railway Station to Edinburgh Waverley Station takes about 1 hour, and a standard-class, one-way adult costs between 10.50 and 27.00 (as of January 2010) depending on journey date and time.

Trains on this line leave Alnmouth Monday to Friday roughly every hour in the morning (starting at 6:52) and evening with the last train leaving the station at 22:38. Trains run about every 2 hours during the afternoon. On Saturdays and Sundays the first train leaves Alnmouth at 6:57 and 10:46, respectively, and the last trains are at 22:10 and 22:07.

Tickets can be booked through the CrossCountry Network website or via National Rail's website.

CrossCountry Network
Ticket Sales: 0844 811 0124
Customer Service: 08447 369 123

National Rail
Enquiries: 08457 484 950

East Coast Main Line

The East Coast Main Line runs from London King's Cross up to Edinburgh Waverley Station.

Trips on this line from Alnmouth Railway Station to Edinburgh Waverley Station take about 1 hour with tickets costing between 6.25 and 27.00 (as of January 2010) for a standard-class, one-way adult fare. Tickets offered for 6.25 must be purchased through the East Coast website as this price includes an online discount.

Trains leave Alnmouth beginning at 6:52 through 22:12, Monday to Saturday, running either every hour or every 2 hours. Service on Sundays starts at 10:15 and finishes at 22:07.

East Coast Main Line
Web Customer Support: 08457 225 111

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