Newton Falls, New York Attractions

Newton Falls, New York Attractions
Located in the heart of the magnificent Adirondack Mountain Range in northern New York, Newton Falls is an accommodating town of roughly 400 people. Named after James Newton, who created the Newton Falls Paper Mill in 1894, the hamlet is primarily recognized for its association with the paper mill, which was closed in 2000 before reopening in 2007. A quiet and old-fashioned town, Newton Falls is a pleasant retreat for anyone. With its proximity to the great Adirondack Mountains and a variety of spectacular rivers and lakes, it's also a sure delight for the outdoor enthusiast.

Cranberry Lake

With an average depth of six feet and a maximum depth of thirty-eight feet, Cranberry Lake is a perfect place to reflect and explore. With 55 miles of shoreline, the lake's only development is on its north bay; the rest of the lake's perimeter is wilderness. This makes it a lovely natural area for fishing, hiking, canoeing or biking. In short, a day at Cranberry Lake is sure to be one well-spent.

Star Lake Community Golf Course

Newton Falls is also a great retreat for the avid golfer. The wild landscape of the Adirondacks make the Star Lake Community Golf Course ideal. It's located on the edge of town, and the course is fantastic and well-mapped. The nine-hole course features 2,799 yards of golf and is a tough par 36 with a course rating of 32.6.

4173 State Highway 3
Star Lake, NY 13690
(315) 848-3570‎

Newton Falls Paper Mill

The historic paper mill, dating back to 1894, has been the lifeblood of Newton Falls for over a century. A guided tour of the old mill is a certain treat for any visitor to the town. The factory still employs the majority of the small hamlet. The quick tour of the factory will explain the paper-making process and the interesting effects of this particular mill on the town of Newton Falls.

875 Route 60
Newton Falls, NY 13666
(315) 848-3321

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