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  • What Is the Meaning of Colors of Hawaiian Leis?

    Hawaiian leis are made or purchased for many different reasons, such as for a celebration or to simply remember a Hawaiian vacation. There are no official meanings of the different colors of Hawaiian leis, but there are some types of leis that are commonly given for certain occasions. Meanings of the leis are often based on the material of the leis as opposed to the color.
    What Is the Meaning of Colors of Hawaiian Leis?

    Purple, Green, and White Flower Leis

    Purple, green, and white leis are often made from orchids. Orchid leis are given as a thank you or as a welcome to a visitor. This type of lei is easily found throughout the islands.


    Green Maile Ti Leaf Leis

    Maile ti leaf leis are made from the green ti leaf. These leis symbolize appreciation, admiration, and respect. Ti leaf leis are often used as gifts for graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and even memorials.

    Orange, Red, or Brown Ilima Leis

    Orange, red, or brown ilima flower leis symbolize love. The ilima flower is the official flower of the island of Oahu.

    Deep Brown Kukui Nuts Leis

    Kukui nuts are often dried and polished, resulting in a deep brown finish. The kukui nut lei once symbolized royalty. It can be given to a man or a woman, and is often intended to show respect or appreciation. The lei can be saved indefinitely.

    White, Pink, or Red Carnation Leis

    Leis that have white, pink, or red carnations are usually a symbol of love. Carnation leis are exchanged during weddings or at anniversary parties.

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