Types of Propane Camp Stoves

Types of Propane Camp StovesWhen it comes to survival in the wilderness, the camping stove is the outdoor enthusiast's best friend. Propane is typically the fuel of choice because of its longevity and portability. Choosing a type of propane camping stove depends on the needs of the camper, food being cooked, how many people will be eating and the packing weight. Stoves can be as small as single burners or large multi-burners that can cook multiple items at once.

Propane Cook Station

The Blackstone Propane Cook Station offers a large cooking surface and the option of cooking many types of meals. There is a replaceable griddle top that is perfect for pancakes or small vegetable sautéing. The griddle is the perfect option for campers who enjoy making large breakfasts at a campsite. The removable grill top is perfect for cooking hamburgers, fish or small game. The Blackstone Propane Cook Station also has some useful accessories such as a wind screen, carry bag and griddle cover. Designed to get the job done, this stove is 33 1/2 inches tall with a 36-by-20 inch cooking surface and a weight of 141 pounds, making it more suitable for RV sites or permanent camp stations due to its larger size.

Tabletop Grill

The Tabletop grill is one of the most versatile of all propane stoves. It is small (less than 10 pounds) and compact (around 200 square inches). While it isn't designed for large family or group cooking---it is perfect for one or two people. The Arctic Portable Tabletop Grill is high performance and comes with a 10,000-BTU burner allowing it to fulfill above and beyond the most basic of cooking needs. The combination of the cast iron and enamel surface makes for a non-stick surface. This grill is a reliable survival tool for the outdoor enthusiast.

Blind Stove

A blind stove is versatile in many ways for the outdoor enthusiast, with its high heat and reliability in almost any weather condition. The Cabela's Outfitter Series Stainless Blind Stove costs between $150 and $200. This stove is medium weight (under 22 pounds), but is compact enough for the traveling outdoorsman. What sets it apart from others is that it has a stainless steel wrapped base. The base protects the hose and igniter's from gale force winds, rodents and traps heat, conserving the propane fuel being used. This type of stove is great for making all kinds of meals and for boiling water.

Three Burner Stoves

The Coleman Three Burner Stove is a one-time investment that will last for years of rugged camping and outdoor adventures. With a strong 24,500 BTU, this three burner propane stove heats fast and maintains a steady heat. It only takes around three minutes to boil 1 qt. of water. It is lightweight and compact enough to fit with any camping gear. One interesting feature with this stove is that it has three propane outlets. The outlets allow up to three propane appliances to run at the same time from the main propane cylinder. A safety feature is that it has three individual shut-off valves. An option for this stove is the Coleman High Stand. The stand is made from aluminum and provides a convenient platform for cooking and overall ease of use.

Camping Oven

The Camp Chef Camping Oven allows the camper to be able to bake at any location without having to use an open grill. This is great for bread, casseroles and other recipes that require oven time. Fueled by propane, this oven also includes adjustable baking racks and a temperature gauge. The dimensions are 14 inches wide, 12 inches deep by 5 inches high. This makes it large enough to hold a standard baking dish and small enough to take on any trip.

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