East Coast Kayaking & Paddling

East Coast Kayaking & Paddling
The East Coast is filled with many excellent opportunities for kayaking. There are many miles of beautiful coastline which can only truly be appreciated on a kayak such as along the shores of Prince Edward Island in Canada and the Florida coastline in the US. There are also numerous river paddling opportunities worth visiting further inland such as the Chattahoochee River or the Brudenell River.


There are a number of state parks in Florida which are not only excellent places to go kayaking, but also have kayak rentals on site and even offer guided kayak tours led by park rangers. John D. McArthur Beach State Park is one state park which offers both kayak rentals and guided kayak tours. Tours take visitors through the estuary and over to Lake Worth Cove and Munyon Island. Another interesting place to kayak in South Florida is Curry Hammock State Park. The waters at Curry Hammock are shallow and typically calm, and paddlers have both the Atlantic and Bay of Florida coastline to explore as well as a Mangrove stream.


Paddlers in Georgia flock to the Chattahoochee river for kayaking. The Chattahoochee has 48 miles of river for paddlers to explore and the park is open to paddlers from just before sunrise to just after sunset every day of the year. The river is an excellent place to explore the local flora or to do a little kayak fishing. However, if a lazy ride down a river doesn't much appeal to you then consider visiting Cumberland Island which is the largest barrier island in the state. Cumberland Island has a marsh which is best explored by kayak.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island in Canada is another popular place to paddle on the East Coast. The area provides a variety of different environments to meet your kayaking needs and has 1300 kilometers of coastline for visitors to explore. You can choose to sea kayak and visit Robinson's Island which takes you through the gulf, or if you prefer you can do some river kayaking on Brudenell River. If you choose to kayak Brudenell River, consider stopping at St. Andrew's Point which is one of the best places on Prince Edward Island to see seals.

Article Written By Shiromi Nassreen

Shiromi Nassreen has been writing professionally since 2005. She specializes in travel and outdoor topics, and her articles have appeared in various print and online publications, including "DISfunkshion Magazine" and Matador Travel. Nassreen holds a Bachelor of Arts in theatre studies from Rose Bruford College of Speech & Drama.

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