What to Pack for a Day Hike to a Swimming Hole

What to Pack for a Day Hike to a Swimming Hole
One of the best ways to enjoy a summer day is to hit the trails and hike to a local swimming hole. Unlike other, drier hikes, hiking to a swimming hole requires additional items that you might not otherwise bring. Here is a list of must-have items to pack on your day hike to a swimming hole.

Swimming Attire

Many hikers forget to pack proper swim attire when hiking to swimming holes. Plan ahead, and remember your bathing suit or swim trunks. Include sandals or water shoes to prevent slipping on wet rocks around the swimming hole area.



You might be able to dry off mostly in the sun, but don't bet on it. Bring a towel to make sure you'll be dry before you change clothes and hike back. If the hike is longer and strenuous, consider bringing a light dry towel.


Hiking and swimming expend a lot of energy. Be sure to bring enough food and water to get you back to the trail head after your swim.

First Aid Kit

Scrapes and cuts are common occurrences at swimming holes. Be prepared with a first aid kid. Be sure to stock it with sunscreen and lip balm.


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