National Forest Hiking Trails in Angel Fire, New Mexico

National Forest Hiking Trails in Angel Fire, New MexicoThe nearest national forest to Angel Fire, New Mexico, is the Carson National Forest. With 1.5 million acres of land and elevations that rise from 6,000 to 13,161 feet, there is a multitude of recreational activities for every outdoor enthusiast. And with more than 80 choices of trails, the Carson National Forest is a haven for all types of hikers.

Amole Canyon

This trail, located in the Camino Ranger District, starts and ends at the junction of Amole Canyon Road and State Highway 518. Carson National Forest rates its degree of difficulty as novice/intermediate. This trail is popular and its use ranges from moderate to heavy. It is also a favorite cross-country skiing area on winter and early spring. Expect to see piney woods and old logging road remnants. There are no major obstacles or pitches on the trail. Amole Canyon's trailhead elevation is 8,100 feet, and its top elevation reaches 9,100 feet.

Canjilon Lakes/Trout Lakes Trails

Canjilon Lakes/Trout Lakes Trails is at the Canjilon Ranger District and begins at the Canjilon Campground. The trail is a loop and is approximately 9 miles to hike. It joins Trout Lakes, which is situated off Highway 84 and north of State Road 115. Many are attracted to this trail due to its scenic vistas and streams. Expect to go through high hills as well as flat ground. Other activities include camping and fishing. Canjilon Lakes/Trout Lakes Trails difficulty rating is moderate to difficult due to its high altitude. Wildlife you may encounter on this trail include deer, elk, mountain lion, porcupine, bear, beaver, grouse, turkey, hawks and kingfishers.

Yerba Canyon Trail 61

Located in the Questa Ranger District, the Hiking-Yerba Canyon Trail can be accessed from the Upper Cauchilla Campground on State Highway 150. This trail has a total length of 3.9 miles and is rated as difficult. The trail climbs steadily and gains 3,600 feet in elevation. It has an abundance of willows and aspen as well as spruce and fir. Ideal for day hiking, backpacking, camping and horseback riding, this trail is an exemplary choice for many outdoor enthusiasts seeking a challenge.

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