The Best Underwear for Cycling

The Best Underwear for Cycling
The best underwear for cycling is a matter of personal comfort. Many cyclist prefer to forego wearing underwear, while others go for a thong-style underwear. Finding bike shorts that fit should prevent the need for underwear, especially with the built-in padding. The best underwear will have ample padding in a minimalist design.

Bike Brand

The Bike Brand Elite Strap Supporter is similar to an athletic jock strap. It is designed for men and will fit under bike shorts without showing underwear lines. This is a top choice because of the support built into a minimalist design.


The Canari Gel Liner is comfortable and comes in models for women and men. It is more of a short than underwear, but it serves the purpose of underwear. It has gel padding and leg grippers to reduce movement while riding.


The Novara Padded Bike Briefs are a women's model that are extra short and will not be bulky under bike shorts. The padding is soft and flexible and they have a breathable design.

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