Which Animal Species Has the Greatest Population in the Rain forest?

tree frogRain forests are the most diverse environments on the planet and hold nearly 75 percent of the total species recorded by scientists, but they cover only 6 percent of the Earth's surface. With the exception of bats, mammals are not found among the most abundant species in the rain forest.

Vampire Bats

The rain forest is home to more bats than any other environment in the world. Vampire bats are the most abundant and notorious of the lot. They feed on the blood of larger animals, usually while the animal is asleep.

Frogs (pictured at top)

More than three-quarters of the world's frogs live in the rain forest. Because of the incredible diversity of the moist environment, there are thousands of different varieties, and many more are suspected to have not yet been discovered.



scarlet macaw The rain forest canopy is home to birds ranging from hummingbirds to eagles. The environment hosts everything from the wildly decorative birds of paradise to the flightless, worm-eating brown kiwi. (Picture: Scarlet Macaw)


anaconda Both the most poisonous and largest snakes in the world call the rain forest their home. Despite their reputations, the vast majority of snakes in the rain forest are never seen and pose no threat to man. They have adapted to living and eating entirely within the rain forest canopy. (Picture: Anaconda)

Article Written By Mati Bishop

Mati Bishop has been a freelance writer since 1999. He has been published in "Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine," the "Hawaii Wellness Directory," "Kailua-Kaneohe Sunpress" and a collection of Web sites. Bishop studied journalism at Windward Community College on Oahu, Hawaii.

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