The Five Hottest Ocean & Fishing Kayaks

The Five Hottest Ocean & Fishing Kayaks
You can choose from a number of excellent ocean and fishing kayaks based on your needs. Some have been around for a while but still cannot be beat as far as stability, such as the Malibu Two XL, while others are fairly new designs of racing and wave-riding kayaks. Fishermen will love the Fish N Dive kayak, perfect for spear divers, and the Mirage drive system really sets the Hobie Outback apart from the rest.

Cobra Fish N Dive XF

For those who remember the original Cobra Fish N Dive, the XF is an updated version. This kayak is perfect for divers and fishermen. The kayak has an oversized tank well which is perfect for divers wishing to store tanks, and which comes with an additional tray for storing a bait bucket. In addition, the kayak has holders for a tackle box, rod holders and even a small jump seat in case you decide to bring someone along on your normally solo kayak trip.

Malibu Two XL

The Malibu Two XL has been around for a while but remains a popular tandem kayak model. The Malibu Two XL seats two adults with the ability of seating either a small child or a pet in the middle. At over 13 feet in length and weighing around 60 pounds, it is a big kayak, however it is also a very stable kayak, perfect for beginners.

Hobie Mirage Outback

For fishermen, the Outback contains several molded rod holders, molded cup holders and other molded wells perfect for storing everything that you need for your fishing trip. In addition, the Outback features Hobie's popular Mirage system. The Mirage system is perfect for tired kayakers as it features foot pedals which operate two fins at the bottom of the boat. When your arms get tired you can simply switch to the Mirage system or use both the fins and your paddle to get you where you need to be that much quicker.

Cobra Viper

The Cobra Viper is a new kayak design. Unlike most Cobra kayaks, it is a sit-in kayak versus a sit-on-top. The Viper has a long narrow hull, making it perfect for slipping through the water, and the sit-in design means that the kayak has low wind drag, making it great for racing. The Viper also comes with a multisport rudder and Ozo pedals.

Cobra Wave

Kayakers who enjoy wave riding should like this other new addition from Cobra. It is more cost-effective than other wave-riding kayaks on the market, as it is made from plastic instead of fiberglass. The Wave features excellent steering capabilities through the use of a foot-operated rudder, making it easier to make fast turns and cut-backs.

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