Arkansas Hiking Trails With Cabins

Petit Jean State Park ArkansasWith its diverse scenic landscapes, spectacular water sights and park facilities, Arkansas is an excellent destination for all outdoor enthusiasts. There are countless trails to choose from, depending on length, difficulty, elevation and other trail features you prefer. Among some of the best with cabin accommodations are Devil's Den State Park, Lake Catherine State Park and Petit Jean State Park.

Devil's Den State Park Trails

Devil's Den is well-known for its many caves and crevices. It also features 20 miles of hiking trails surrounding the renowned Ozark Mountains and National Forest. Scenes such as waterfalls and natural bridges are some of the highlights of the park. A horse camp area is available for horseback riders with about 20 miles of riding trails. There are 17 fully equipped cabins with kitchens and fireplaces that are available all year. Other activities include mountain biking, birdwatching and camping.

Devil's Den State Park

Lake Catherine State Park Trails

The park has three hiking trails and features the 1,940-acre Lake Catherine. It is located in the Ouachita Mountains, where there are plenty of scenic views consisting of rock formations, pine and hardwood forests, streams and a waterfall. There are also a variety of plants, wildflowers and animal life for the hikers to marvel at. Eighteen cabins are situated along the lake shore with fully equipped kitchens. Polly Crews Cabin is fully accessible for guests with special needs; it also has a private and fully accessible boat dock and fishing pier. Other activities include horseback riding, swimming and biking.

Lake Catherine State Park

Petit Jean State Park Trails (pictured above)

This state park has seven hiking trails: Bear Cave, Boy Scout, Canyon, Cedar Creek, Cedar Falls, Rock House Cave and Seven Hollows. Expect to see magnificent attractions such as sandstone boulders, huge pines, sycamores rock steps, mountain streams, a rock shelter, a waterfall and a natural stone arch. Birdwatching is popular in the trails as well. The shortest trail is Bear Cave at 0.25 mile and Boy Scout Trail is the longest at 25 miles. There are 21 cabins available at the park. All cabins are equipped with electric kitchens and fireplaces.

Petit Jean State Park

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