Portland, OR Tourist Attractions

Portland, OR Tourist Attractions
Portland, Oregon is a fast growing city, and for good reason. Despite the rain, it's a place of great natural beauty. Whether traveling alone, with a partner or with the family, there is a lot to do and see in the Rose City. There are a host of tourist attractions for the outdoor enthusiast to see on the cheap. Portland also has the benefit of being highly bike- and mass transportation-friendly.


One of the best things about Portland is its extensive network of parks. From small green squares to the majesty of Forest Park, there are a lot of free parks in Portland ideal for the outdoor enthusiast. The Portland Parks and Recreation Department has an excellent website that allows people to search parks by their location and what they are looking to do there. If looking for a pickup game of basketball or just a place to lounge around for the day, Portland has something for everyone.

Portland Parks and Recreation Department
1120 SW Fifth Ave. #1302
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 823-7529

Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is an impressive collection of animals from all over the world. The zoo's mission statement is "inspiring our community to create a better future for wildlife." Visitors should check out the Oregon Zoo for a lovely day in the open air checking out all the creatures of the four corners of the earth.

Oregon Zoo
4001 SW Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97231
(503) 226-1561

The International Rose Test Garden

Portland is known as the City of Roses. The flowers bloom everywhere in the spring. For those looking to see the work done by champion rose growers, the International Rose Test Garden is a great place for walking around in the open air. Here visitors can see scores of different varieties of roses--and get a great view of the city and the mountains. The Rose Garden is located in the beautiful Washington Park.

International Rose Test Garden
400 Southwest Kingston Ave.
Portland, OR
(503) 823-3636

Portland Classical Chinese Garden

The Portland Classical Chinese Garden is a wonderful assortment of Chinese plants and flowers that boasts that it is "never twice the same." The exotic plants are only half of the attraction, as the architecture built to house them is of equal beauty. Public tours happen twice daily and private tours for large groups can be arranged by calling the Portland Classical Chinese Garden's office.

Portland Classical Chinese Garden
239 Northwest Everett Street
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 228-8131

Portland Waterfront Bike Loop

A great way to get a view of the city and the Multnomah River is to hop on a bike and take it for a spin around the impressive Portland Waterfront Bike Loop. Built right next to the river so close that people could reach down and touch the water. The Loop is ideal for the cyclist who wants to see the river and downtown but wants to get away from cars and traffic.

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