Bouldering Games for Indoor Climbing

Bouldering Games for Indoor Climbing
Rather than going through the same routine every time you visit the climbing gym, mix up your training with some bouldering games. These games can be played with two or more people and will allow you to challenge yourself and your climbing partners to train in key areas and improve endurance.


Probably the most well-known climbing game, it works on building memory and endurance. Choose a starting hold, and take turns adding on one move at a time. Sequences can be marked with chalk or memorized. You can specify holds for just hands, or both hands and feet. Try to make each move challenging for the other climber.


As one person climbs, the other person uses a stick or broom handle to point to the next hold the climber should aim for. Pick moves that will challenge your climbing partners but are not beyond their abilities. When the climber falls, switch places.

Take Away

Agree on a sequence of 15 to 20 holds that each climber can send. After each successful climb, take away one of the holds. Continue removing holds until the climbers can no longer complete the route.


This game can be played alone or in pairs. Find a position on the wall. Keep both hands and one foot in place. See how many holds you can tap with the other foot. If you're playing in pairs, the person who can reach the most holds wins. This game works on reach and flexibility.

Children's Games

Just about any game that can be played on the ground can be played on the wall if you use your imagination. For children's climbing parties, play classic games such as tag, freeze or Simon says.

Article Written By Karen Eisenbraun

Karen Eisenbraun has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Knox College and has been writing professionally since 2004. She is the editor of a weight-loss surgery support website and is currently studying to become a certified holistic nutrition consultant.

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